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How I have done it :  2012  -  2017

The Sites that have served Me Best,  so far

(Right off the bat, do KNOW that I'm no big time guru, nor have I amassed lots of money, nor do I guarantee anything.)

 If YOU want to, You CAN.

That's all I want you to know, really!

Welcome!  Obviously, I'm not here personally to chat, and probably hard at work with what I WANT to do and preparing for my future!

In 2012 I discovered what I had to do after about 2 years of wandering around the WWW, not understanding a thing, but knowing only the one thing that was driving me:


I discovered I had to create a list and have a website

But, I had no money!

(For a quick glance at my (untidy) list of 'things to do', here's the ONE url to my first free website which I've built up over the years:  http://rcarosin.webs.com/) 

I had found webs.com and created that first free website so that I only had to advertise ONE url to the WWW'ebbers, plus have the list handy so that I could consult it every time I couldn't remember which way to go forward with the many sites I'd joined...

Here's the pick of the bunch that I log into every day, sometimes a lot more than once, to collect the pennies and points that add up, like runs in a cricket match...

In order of importance, here they are:

This was the first site I joined, and they haven't ever let me down.  I go here every single day (You can click the image to be taken to the website to investigate further for yourself)

I happened upon X100K by pure chance nearly three years ago.   I work on this site everyday to build up what I call My Retirement Fund.  I also do the free webinars where I've learned how to leverage.

Click the image to be taken to the website.

I have no personal affiliate link for Toluna, but it's a great site and I earn a good few dollars there.

I have no problems there, and pop in every day.


There are lots more survey sites I've joined and they're listed on my Things To Do website (http://rcarosin.webs.com/)

You're more than welcome to browse on that very long list to where I have the Survey Sites listed, to join and earn more

Here, too, I have no personal referral affiliate link, but with YouTube, I was able to fulfill dreams I didn't even know I had.

Plus, it's an excellent way to advertise, should you wish to do so.

I've been with YouTube since 2011 and they offered to monetize my account.

Gees, I had no idea of what I was doing in that first year!

Yet, here I am, with my stories and jokes and music videos, art attempts, etc., and I'm totally chuffed as, last year January, I finally earned enough to cash out R1000!

Nope, I haven't got any viral videos, but every cent counts!

Maybe you have the imagination to make videos to capture the hearts and minds of many people.

Who knows, but it's definitely worth a thought.

Have a look at what goes viral.  Also have a look at how other people have show-cased talents similar to yours.  See what YOU are able to create.

Here's the link to my YouTube page:  


It rocks when it comes to FREE ADVERTISING!

There is an upgraded version for those who need more, but I've been happy with my Free IBO and the other sites Kris, the owner, has developed over the years.

Yes, one has to learn the ropes.  

There is a lovely network of people there, all who are quite willing to help with information and guidance.

Are you on your own on the WWW?

Of course, yes - because YOU make the decisions.


Do your homework and find out for Yourself what works for you.

Build up a name for yourself - whether it be a logo, photograph or just a label.  It is your individual fingerprint/identification.

In the Old Days, they used to tell me "The World Is Your Oyster".  

Now I'm sure I can easily say:  "The World Is At Your FingerTips!"

(You can click the image to be taken to the website to investigate further for yourself)

There are lots of free advertising sites listed on my original website

IBO is just one of my favourites...


I went ahead and published two paperbacks, which are also in e-book form at Amazon/Kindle!

I'm so chuffed - another dream come true!


The one to the left, and another one called PITYFUL WANDERER by Raine Carosin...

All for FREE!

I went nuts and joined QuickAppNinja, and created 17 Puzzle Game apps and went through  the process of monetizing them and uploading them to Google Play Store!

They're FREE to play, and I earn from advertising.

This one was hard work for me who's no natural geek, but, in today's climate, it's good I stay indoors and keep myself busy!  Try it!  You may just create the best game!

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://adhitzads.com/973029"></script>

PayPal has been like my right-hand Man when it comes to working the finances on the WWW.  A totally MUST HAVE to assist with the future of monetary transactions.  There are lots of other PayProcessors - find what you need.  Remember to do your research before you jump into anything.  (You can click the image to be taken to the website to investigate further for yourself)

And this is what I really look like, without the false eyelashes and the make up and the hair blow-dried and the false teeth...

Yeah, image counts a lot in this old vain World.

I do a make-over once a year to keep my public profile pics up to date and looking flashy and dashy and creatively appealing to the eye.

But, I'm also a down to earth, honest person who is not here to fool anyone with false promises and scams.

So, remember:  you got your NAME and your IMAGE.  

Do the best you can to create something you and Yours may look back on without regrets!

I'm far toO arty-farty and lazy to go the whole hog and rush myself into an early grave, SO I TAKE IT EASY AS POSSIBLE ...
However, my 'work' is a 24/7/365 job
...AND, I'm a Mental Case on Disability who's not allowed to work in the 'real world', BUT I'M MAKING AND DOING THE BEST I CAN with what i've got TO FEEL USEFUL AND A PART OF THE WWWHOLE!
My artwork designs for sale at ZAZZLE.COM